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I'm currently a 4th year CPSC student @UBC
Previously I interned @ Blackbird Interactive, East Side Games & @Hootsuite
my interests lie in code 💻 & travel 🌎



Compilation of my coding and design projects


BC Game Jam 2020, "Prevail":
In this fun filled adventure runner you are a baby cow running for its life. Link to game uploaded soon!

tech: C# Unity

Off The Grid

NWHacks 2020:
OffTheGrid allows users to navigate, find necessary resources, & look up quick diagnosis via SMS.

tech: NodeJS, Twilio API, Google Maps API

Dragon Adventure Bonanza

2D Platformer where you play as a baby dragon on a quest. Best Game selected by industry jury and voted Most Fun Game during crossplay.

tech: C++, GLSL, SDL2


Full stack web application that enables students to query for UBC’s course & room information

tech: TypeScript

Travel Destinations

Final application for a databases course, allows users to review, edit & search for top travel spots

tech: PHP, MySQL


Cmd-f 2019
Femtr allows women to connect with other women in underrepresented industries!

tech: PHP, MySQL


Local Hack Day 2018:
Users can easily find free items from Craigslist. Integrated into both a Slack bot & website

tech: JavaScript


Miscellaneous projects done throughout my computer graphics course

tech: JavaScript, GLSL

Jewel Thief

Fly through the skies collecting jewels while avoiding enemies chucking bombs directly at you!

tech: C#, Unity3D

I Die, You Die

Local Hack Day 2017:
Two-Player co-op game in which player jumps from platform to platform dodging snowballs & icicles.

tech: C#, Unity3D

Buses'R Us

Tracks user location along with nearby bus stops. Selecting a stop displays all bus numbers, arrival times along with all different routes

tech: Java, JUnit